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Trek Mountain Bikes 820. Scott Spark Bikes.

Trek Mountain Bikes 820

trek mountain bikes 820

    mountain bikes
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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

I'm up North in Lutsen, MN. Our resort has free mountain bikes for rent. I grabbed a Trek 820 and hit the steep dirt ATV trail to the South. It started to rain as I got the idea to bike up the pavement driveway and then bomb down the trail.

So I did. It was extremely fun. At the bottom of the hill I decided to cruise right across the trail intersection, which was a bad thing to do; I almost spilled on the fist-sized rocks that kept pushing my tires in directions they shouldn't go.

So I went back up to do it again, about four times in all. The last time I decided to go all the way down the hill and across the wooden bridge at the bottom (that has no guard rails). Instead of going down the middle, I ended up straddling one of their groups of longitudinal boards set up for truck tires. Too late I realized that there was a bike tire sized gap between two of them, and the bike went down and the sprocket got to know my calf a little better. I rode back to the condo and washed off the blood.

The lady at the front desk gave me a priceless expression when I walked in, socks squishing in soaked shoes, and handed her the mud-covered helmet. So far, the leg is doing pretty well. It was worth it five times over. The best time I've had in months.

If you haven't done any downhill mountain biking, I highly recommend you get out and get dirty!

Watch This Space

Watch This Space

This is Basement Bike, aka. Girlfriend Bike (long story). I bought this bike right after I graduated from college in 1996. It's a 1995 model, so I got it for pretty cheap. I think it was in the neighborhood of $300.

It was my only bike for years and years. It's from the golden age of mountain bikes, when everyone wanted one and they flew out of bike stores thanks to the perhaps false assumption that knobby tires meant greater versatility. I always liked it-- it felt safe.

As I've morphed into a Really Big Bike Dork, though, my little green Trek became my Basement Bike. Every Really Big Bike Dork has one-- the bike that you don't ride anymore but, for sentimental reasons, you can't part with. Thus, it ends up living in the basement.

I have big plans for Basement Bike in the next week or so. Big Plans that I intend to photodocument. Just you wait.

trek mountain bikes 820

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